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M.Sc. Tobias Maier

Raum: 221
Tel.: +49 721 608-43564
Fax: +49 721 608-43088
t maierZtw3∂kit edu

Research Interests

Currently, I am interested in all kinds of data structures. In particular I specialize in hash tables. They are interesting, both from a theoretical point of view (probabilty of collisions) and from a practical point of view (engineering a data structure to have the best possible performance). I am also interested in concurrent data structures. Here I focus mainly on shared memory implementations for the most common data structures. I find it is especially interesting, how the functionality has to be manipulated to achieve good performance e.g. fine grained locking, coordination of different threads, storing thread local data, relaxed semantics; and how these changes can be hidden from users by offering a similar interface as sequential variants.

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Conference Publications
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IPDPS 2015

T. Maier, P. Sanders, J. Speck

Technical Reports
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15 Jan 2016

Tobias Maier

Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders

Dr. Roman Dementiev