Postdocs in Algorithm Engineering


Algorithm engineering is an approach to algorithmics that takes theoretical and practical relevance equally seriously (see also We are one of the most visible groups in this field and now hire postdoctoral researchers competent in one or several of the following areas:

  • parallel algorithms, in particular
    • multicore, GPU, or MPI programming
    • load balancing and scheduling
    • communication efficient algorithms
    • parallel external memory algorithms
  • graph algorithms, in particular
    • route planning
    • graph partitioning and clustering
  • handling large data sets, in particular
    • algorithms for data bases
    • text indexing and string algorithms
    • space efficient/fast/distributed data structures
  • using advanced techniques from discrete algorithms in concrete application areas, e.g.
    • transportation science
    • particle physics
    • large scale image analysis and visualization
    • optimizing energy production and distribution

Exceptional candidates working in other areas of algorithmics are also welcome. The CS department at KIT is consistently ranked among the top CS programs in Germany and is situated ideally in the town center at the rim of the palace grounds. Karlsruhe is near the Black Forest and the Alsace and within one train hour from Frankfurt Airport. (see also Wikipedia)

Please send (preferably by e-mail using pdf):

  • a CV with list of publications
  • a short two-page research plan
  • addresses of people willing to write a letter of reference
  • copies of transcripts
  • copies of your two or three most relevant papers/theses (if available)

to the address found in the linked pdf

Corresponding to their qualification, applicants with handicaps will be preferred. In order to increase the number of women in CS, we especially welcome applications of women.