About the course
It is going to be a 6-week crash-course introducing the basic aspects of algorithmics. The course will be held in Khabarovsk State Technical University (KhSTU) in the framework of a joint international program between Saarland university and KhSTU. The course will be taught in Russian. Still, the home page of the course as well as the assignment sheets will be in English. Also the students must submit their solutions in English only. logos logos
  · Instructor: Roman Dementiev
  · Lectures: Tue 15:00-16:30; Thu 13:20-14:50 exercise session: Thu 15:00-16:30
  · First lecture: April 20
  · No admission interview is required, everyone is welcome to participate in the course. But you need to know math at school level, have some programming experience, and follow the description of algorithms in simple C/Java/Pascal-like code. Knowledge of the discrete math is appreciated.
  Tentative Topics
  · Foundations: notions, sets, relations, machine model, O-Calculus, recurrences
  · Sorting and selection: insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort, radix sort, quickselect, lower bounds
  · Data structures: (unbounded) arrays, lists, stacks, queues, heaps, binary search trees, hash tables
  · Graphs algorithms: abstraction, notion, representations, traversal (Breadth/Depth First Search), minumum spanning trees
  · Assignment 1
  · Assignment 2
  · Assignment 3
  · Assignment 4
  · Assignment 5
  · Assignment 6
  · Assignments
  Useful Links
  · Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
  · Google Algorithms Directory
  · Animations of sorting algorithms
  · A course by Kurt Mehlhorn
  · If you need to translate a word you might use one of those dictionaries
  · Postscript (.ps) viewing software for Windows, Linux and OS/2 [download]