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We have described STXXL: a library for external memory computation that aims for high performance and ease-of-use. The library supports parallel disks and explicitly overlaps I/O and computation. The library is easy to use for people who know the C++ Standard Template Library. STXXL supports algorithm pipelining, which saves many I/Os for many external memory algorithms. Several projects using STXXL have been finished already. With help of STXXL, they have solved very large problem instances externally using a low cost hardware in a record time. The work on the project is in progress. Future directions of STXXL development cover the implementation of the remaining STL containers, improving the pipelined sorter with respect to better overlapping of I/O and computation, implementations of graph and text processing external memory algorithms. We plan to submit STXXL to the collection of the Boost C++ libraries ( which includes a Windows port.

Roman Dementiev 2005-08-09