Simon Gog

Contact Details

Office: Room 206 in the Building 50.34
Address: Am Fasanengarten 5
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 608-46602
Fax: +49 721 608-43088

About Me

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics at Karslruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT). I received my PhD from Ulm University in 2011 and was supervised by Enno Ohlebusch during my PhD studies. My thesis Compressed Suffix Trees: Design, Construction, and Applications improved compressed suffix trees in theory and practice and lead to the initial development of the Succinct Data Structure Library.

From 2012 to 2014 I continued working on text-indexing problems in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Together with Timo Beller, Alistair Moffat and Matthias Petri, I released the second version of the Succinct Data Structure Library (SDSL) in 2013.

Research Interests

Compact and succinct data structures and their practical applications in Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval and related areas.