Detailed Experimental Results for GECCO'18 Publication "Memetic Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning"

This website accompanies our GECCO'18 publication. We provide additional convergence and performance plots as well as detailed per-instance results in .csv format.

Detailed Per-Instance Results

We provide detailed per-instance results for each hypergraph partitioner. For each instance, the .csv files contain the following information:

The .csv files for the full benchmark set can be found here:

Benchmark Instances

Detailed statistics of the hypergraphs used in the experimental evaluation can be found here for the subset of 25 hypergraphs and here for the subset of 100 hypergraphs.
This archive contains the 25 hypergraphs used to analyze the influence of different algorithmic components (recombine and mutation operations) of our algorithm.
This archive contains the 100 hypergraphs used to compare EvoHGP with the best competing algorithms.

Both are taken from the benchmark set of Heuer and Schlag, which can be downloaded here (~3GB).


EvoHGP, now also known as KaHyPar-E, is available from

Convergence Plots for Individual Instance Classes

Performance Plots for Individual Instance Classes