Tips for Taking Better Photos for your Online Dating Profile

I’ve dabbled in online dating for several years now, so I consider myself a veteran of sorts. During this time, I’ve definitely seen a major difference in the responses I get from people, based on the pictures I display on my profile. I’ve tested out everything from the infamous Instagram-esque cell phone camera pic to a shot of me posing at the top of Mt. Shasta. Some pictures (ahem, the latter, in case you wondering) attracted the kinds of guys I’m personally into, and other times I attracted absolute duds (Instagram pic, anyone?).

When it comes to attracting high quality folks to your online dating profile, choosing the right photos is insanely important! Of course, the content of your profile will make a difference, too, but the pics bring it all together.

So, first things first, please use a profile pic. I know some of you want to keep your picture hidden because you don’t want your friends or family to find out that you’re hanging out on online dating sites, but profiles without pictures typically don’t do very well. Simply put, having no pic makes you look like you’ve got something to hide. So, if you want to get a good response, add a picture to your profile, mmmkay?

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Tips for Taking a Better Profile Picture

A few pointers to help you take a better profile picture: make sure that there’s plenty of natural light wherever you take your pic. The first and last hour of sunlight is a good time to take pics because of the quality of the light. Photographers are all over this phenomenon like white on rice, and for good reason… the pics that come out are simply gorgeous! Whatever you do, just avoid taking squinty-eyed photos in the midday sun and for goodness sake, get rid of that flash! Flash is an abomination, period.

When it comes to facial expressions, men fare well with the “mysterious” look. So, if you’re a guy, don’t look straight into the camera and show off your goofy, buck toothed smile. Look away from the camera with a sexy, inquisitive expression on your face. The ladies will go gaga over it.

Ladies, smile! Men will be more likely to contact you if you look friendly, approachable, and happy in your photos. After all, who wants to date a witch who spends most of her time griping and gossiping?

And ladies and gentlemen, always use pictures that highlight your best features, but represent you accurately. I used to post pics of myself at a certain angle because I look best that way, but it ended up hurting me because the guys I met thought I looked different in person than I did in my pictures.

No matter how much it makes you squirm, try to post pics that are truly representative of you. Ask some friends whose opinions you trust to look at your pics and tell you whether they are honest representations of you. Accurate pics might not be as hot, but they’ll help you meet higher quality singles that are attracted to the real you. Plus, they make you seem honest since you aren’t hiding behind a hot yet unrealistic picture.

Types of Pics to Avoid

Only post pictures of you alone. That means no pics of you out drinking with your buddies or playing soccer. No online dater is in the mood to play Where’s Waldo.

And please don’t post pics in which you are so small that you have to zoom in as far as your computer will let you just to see a fuzzy circle that’s supposed to be your face. If any zooming or squinting is required in order to see your face in a picture, it’s too small. Close up pictures are good because they show that you’re not hiding anything, and they cut to the chase.

Oh, and I shouldn’t have to say this, but please post recent photos. And by recent, I don’t mean in the last 5 years… I mean in the last year! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when people post the same pic for years and years in their online dating profiles. Please keep your profile pics up to date, people! I want to know what you will look like at tomorrow night’s dinner date, not what you looked like at high school graduation.

If you want a response, you’ll get one fast if you show off some skin. Strutting your greased abs or cleavage probably won’t attract high quality singles who will recite Pablo Neruda sonnets to you on the beach at sunset, but they will get you any old form of attention, if that’s what you’re looking for. The old adage, “Sex sells,” really applies to online dating, but proceed with caution. Unless you’re just looking to hit it and quit it, you probably won’t appreciate the response that those sensual pics bring.


Even if you don’t have a picture of yourself shaking hands with Nelson Mandela, do try to post pics besides ones that show you standing in front of your bathroom mirror or in your bedroom. More people will contact you if you post pics that are conversation-worthy.

Whether you want to post a picture of yourself wearing a ball gag or doing a back flip in a field of poppies, just make it unique. Trust me – it’ll intrigue people! Creativity pays off.

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